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Sewage tanker WAK - 80


Sewage tanker WAK-80 is designed for cooperation with minimum 80 HP tractor equipped with hook-type coupling and minimum three pairs of hydraulic sockets.

Division of a tank WAK-80 into two chambers allows to use the tanker for:

- septic tanks emptying

- cleaning objects with the help of a lance

- after installing special nozzle, cleaning drains with pipelines up to a maximum diameter of 100 mm.



WAK-80 has been built on the basis of single-axle PN-80 slurry tanker. 8000 l tank is divided into two chambers. Capacity 2000 l for clean water and 6000 l for sediments. A 600 mm hatch is placed on a backdoor to clean sediments from the tank.

JUROP PN 58M compressor with 6500 l/min capacity, driven by a shaft from a tractor, allows filling and emptying of the tank.

Hydraulically driven water pump with 60 l/min capacity and 140 bar pressure supplies, through a filter and adjustable safety valve, a reel with 60 m hose.



The high pressure pump hydraulically driven from the tractor passes water to the reel sucking it earlier from the tank’s chamber filled with clean water from a hydrant.

Sewer nozzle penetrating clogged pipeline unreel the hose at the same time.

Hose reeling is hydraulic after switching valve’s lever placed next to the reel.

The hydraulically driven pump and the compressor driven by the shaft allows synchronous pipeline unclogging and drains sucking off.

Instead of sewer nozzle a lance can be mounted at the end of the hose for pressure cleaning machines, roads or other objects.

In winter special valves system allows complete emptying of the water system with the help of the compressor.

According to customer’s requirements WAK-80 can be equipped with additional devices and auxiliaries.

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