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24 000 L tank on semitrailer

Painted tank with 24 000 l capacity, mounted on semitrailer of Zasław company is designed for quick transportation of slurry for long distances e.g. biogas stations, mobile containers or directly to slurry tankers used on fields for spilling the slurry.


Main equipment of the tank:

  • JUROP VL70 rotary pump which main advantages are the possibility to suck dense slurry and much more bigger efficiency in compare with standard vacuum pumps,
  • Rear rotary connection pipe for sucking or pumping the slurry, mounted on VL70 pump (includes also manually opened gate valve and quick coupling system),
  • 6” rubber cone for pumping with hydraulic gate valve – used for filling the tank through a tap and external pump,
  • Overflow hose preventing excessive pressure increase in the tank working at the same time as venting when filling or emptying the tank.
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